April 2022: Final Stretch

As we close in on competition, things are starting to pick up! Our mechanical division put the finishing touches on the frame by adding penetrators to keep the wires waterproof when entering the enclosure, as well as worked on our manipulators to allow us to interact with the props. The computing division ran their first successful tests of ArduSub and were able to control a thruster with PWM, but there’s still a lot to do, Read more…

December 2021 Computing: Overhaul

The past month was a big one for the Computing Division. Not only was the new and improved website completed, but we also finished early tests and baseline code for object recognition! This will help us make enormous progress toward establishing stable autonomous programs come next semester. We have also begun more research into handling the serial connections within the ROV in the hopes of debugging our driving code, with our goal being to have Read more…

December 2021 Electrical: Board Building

The Electrical Division has been busy this semester working on our new boards! They have passed the design phase and are moving on to being tested and fixed (if necessary). Just wait until you see the size of these PCBs! They’re quite a bit bigger this semester to make routing easier to handle. This ROV will also be using a Raspberry Pi to handle the camera and video feed, so we took that functionality off Read more…

December 2021 Mechanical: Frame Construction

This semester, the Mechanical Division was hard at work. The frame of the new ROV has been cut and is mostly assembled, as can be seen in the general update. The current project is testing the gaskets and collars that are sealing the enclosure lid and the electrical connections between the enclosure and the tether. Wouldn’t want to get the ROV in the water only to have the boards get wet, would we? Once those Read more…

December 2021: Assembly Begins

The Underwater Robotics Team has made great strides this semester. The frame for the new ROV is in the process of being assembled and tested, thanks to the Mechanical Division. The Electrical division is delving into the details of designing the new boards, and the Computing Division has been making steady progress on the drive code and object recognition. Furthermore, our team is proud to announce our newest sponsorship by Odyssey Scuba out of Waynesville, Read more…

October 2021: Diving Into a New Generation!

During the past two years, our team has gone through some major changes. New members, new events, and– most excitingly– a new ROV! After traversing through several generations of the Underwater Robotics Team, Titan will be taking a well-deserved break to make way for our bright and shining newcomer! Our divisions have been working hard on creating new designs for the future frame, manipulators, electrical boards, and code for this new and improved ROV. Our Read more…

ROV Camera Update

We are looking forward to improving the testing process of our ROVs with new video gear. When we do pool tests, we like to have as many eyes on the ROV as possible. By using a video camera like one of these to record footage and review it later, our chances of catching issues and ability to hone in our driving skills goes up drastically.  When choosing a camera to add to our ROVs, we Read more…

2-5-19 ROV Mechanical update!

Fall semester 2018: Last semester the mechanical division worked diligently with the electrical division on designing enclosures needed for the many electronics. The mechanical division also worked on multiple prototypes including a new and improved manipulator, custom waterproof enclosures, and waterproof motors. Frame Design 2019: The frame design of 2019 is a revised version of 2018’s frame. In 2019, the main enclosure was changed from a cast acrylic tube to a die cast aluminum rectangular enclosure. Read more…

Crowdfunding Campaign Incredibly Successful

  Over the month of March, the Underwater Robotics Team held a crowdfunding campaign to help fund their trip to Washington this June. The campaign was incredibly successful, raising $3,355, 111% of their $3000 goal. With this success, the team will be able to send a group of 12 to compete, while being able to complete the ROV without cutting corners. The team would like to say thank you to the following donors: Ryan Loeffelman Read more…

Testing Begins: The ROV Comes to Life!

As the first semester of the Underwater Robotics’ build cycle comes to a close, the team eagerly wires up the electronics and places them into the enclosure. It has been a tumultuous semester – a relocation, a new design, and a new team. The team has been hard at work assembling a frame and thruster layout to maximize the points awarded in the design portion of the 2017 MATE ROV competition. Project Manager Vinnie Marco Read more…

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