August 2022: A New Heading

This summer marked a huge turning point for the Underwater Robotics Team. Through our discussions with the USS Missouri, we were able to get in contact with her sister, the USS Iowa, and bring our ROV on board the battleship! Thanks to them both, we have started a conversation with the Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA), and we are currently working on overhauling our SS&T Missouri for AC power to do hull inspections for museum ships like the Read more…

January 2023: Preparation for Competition

Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to get our new ROV, the SS&T Texas, ready for competition. Through the struggles and the guide MATE has finally sent out, though, we have discovered along the way that SS&T Missouri would be a better fit for this year’s tasks. And so, as the USS Missouri was decommissioned in 1955 and recommissioned in 1986, our ROV will be following in her footsteps yet again, being recommissioned for Read more…

October 2022: Breaking New Ground

All of our divisions are working hard as we approach the release of the official task guide. The task preview has been posted, though, so we have a better idea of what direction the competition will be going in this year. The computing division is looking into new applications of our software, the electrical division is preparing schematics to fit everything into a smaller enclosure, and the mechanical division is working on both the drive Read more…

October 2022 Electrical

Since we are moving to a smaller enclosure for our next ROV, one that’s about 4 inches tall, the electrical division is working on a custom power board in order to fit the new size constraints. We are currently in the design process, using quarter brick regulators like the ones in our old ROV, Titan, to save space while still giving the same power as in the SS&T Missouri. As of now we’re still designing Read more…

October 2022 Computing

As the day that the competition rules are posted draws near, the computing division is currently focused on training and practicing through example projects. In particular, we have members practicing with the object recognition, navigation and autonomous movement capabilities of ArduSub (the ROV control software we use) via OpenCV, QGroundControl and Pymavlink respectively. We also have two exciting division-wide projects that we are looking into. The first involves simulating GPS coordinates with ArduSub, which is Read more…

October 2022 Mechanical

The mechanical division has finished selecting all the components for the AC and DC drive stations, and orders for almost all of them have been placed. As soon as the components come in, we will be finalizing the plans and assembling them. We’ve also placed orders for the material to make the SS&T Iowa’s frame, and will be beginning water jet machining of those parts as soon as the materials come in. Right now, mechanical Read more…

July 2022: Competition and the USS Iowa

The Missouri S&T Underwater Robotics Team has finished competing in our first ever MATE ROV competition from June 21-26! We placed 14th out of 20 teams in our class, not a bad run for the first time out! While we were there, we also took the chance to visit the USS Missouri’s sister ship, the USS Iowa. They were kind enough to let us display our “Mini Mo” on board and give us a tour of the Read more…

June 2022: SS&T Missouri Commissioning

Today marks a milestone in the Missouri Underwater Robotics Team’s history. We are proud to announce the official commissioning of the SS&T Missouri, ROV-3, into the team. All of our hard work and countless hours of effort have led us to this moment. If you would like to watch the recording of the ceremony, you can view it on YouTube here: A huge thank-you to the Battleship Missouri Memorial, for their inspiration and the Read more…

June 2022: The Last Weeks

We are making our final preparations for competition during this next week! Seven of us will set out on June 21st for competition in Long Beach, CA. We will be celebrating all of the progress our team has made this semester on Friday, June 17, with our commissioning ceremony for our ROV, the SS&T Missouri! The event will be livestreamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels, and anyone is free to join us for the Read more…

May 2022: Competition on the Horizon

We made it! SS&T Missouri, our current ROV, has been accepted into the MATE Explorer 2022 competition! The journey has been documented on our social media pages, both the highs and the lows. Thank you for all the support from our families, friends, sponsors, and those who came before us for making this year possible! The electrical division has finalized our control systems with the help of the computing division, and our mechanical division has Read more…

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