What we’re responsible for:

  • Designing, assembling, and testing the ROV’s electrical systems
  • Hands-on power and technical projects like power distribution and motor controllers
  • Emergency plans in case of technical failures

What we use:

  • KiCAD software for designing circuit boards
  • Project groups to better distribute the workload

Members of our division will gain relevant experience in designing circuits, soldering, and working with power and motion control.

Contact Chris Schneider at clsdfn@mst.edu with any questions about the division.

Take a look at what we do!

December 2021 Electrical: Board Building

The Electrical Division has been busy this semester working on our new boards! The have passed the design phase and are moving on to being tested and fixed (if necessary). Just wait until you see the size of these PCBs! They’re quite a bit bigger this semester to make routing Read more…

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December 2021: Assembly Begins

The Underwater Robotics Team has made great strides this semester. The frame for the new ROV is in the process of being assembled and tested, thanks to the Mechanical Division. The Electrical division is delving into the details of designing the new boards, and the Computing Division has been making Read more…

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October 2021: Diving Into a New Generation!

During the past two years, our team has gone through some major changes. New members, new events, and– most excitingly– a new ROV! After traversing through several generations of the Underwater Robotics Team, Titan will be taking a well-deserved break to make way for our bright and shining newcomer! Our Read more…

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Testing Begins: The ROV Comes to Life!

As the first semester of the Underwater Robotics’ build cycle comes to a close, the team eagerly wires up the electronics and places them into the enclosure. It has been a tumultuous semester – a relocation, a new design, and a new team. The team has been hard at work Read more…

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New Year, New Challenge – IGVC 2017

With every new school year comes a new set of challenges, and for the Robotics Design Team, it’s preparing for the 2017 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, or IGVC for short. The competition takes place At Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan on June 2 – June 5, 2017. The contestants must Read more…

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NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2015

The past week has been extremely busy as we hit the road to take our new robot, unofficially dubbed “Moonshot”, across the country from our campus in Rolla, Missouri to NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center on the Florida coast. The competition involved remotely controlling our mining robot to make it Read more…

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Moonshot Progress

  Hello all! Our newest robot is almost up and running! Currently, it can drive, but when we’re done with it, it’s gonna dominate!! Here’s some pictures and video of the robot in its current state.   Here are the videos: IMG_2496 IMG_2498

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New Robot Drives Anywhere Without Turning

Though we obviously have a few big robots we’ve built for competitions, we at Missouri S&T’s Robotics Competition Team now have a much smaller addition. Our new pint-sized robot, which we’ve given the name Micro Prime (or μPrime), uses an advanced drive mechanism called swerve drive. Basically, this means that Read more…

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