Our team is divided into three divisions, each with separate jobs:

  • Mechanical Division– Design, and build the chassis and physical mechanisms of the ROV.
  • Electrical Division– Ensure integrity of electrical systems in underwater environment.
  • Computing Division– Develop and maintain ROV control code and integrations with the ROV’s physical systems.

Each division has their own Division Lead and may be further divided into sub-groups based on particular needs. Division leads collaborate to ensure that all jobs in the team are distributed in as efficient a way as possible.

Choose Design Team
  • Student Design Teams
  • Missouri S&T Racing
  • Miner Aviation
  • Baja SAE
  • Missouri S&T Concrete Canoe
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Formula SAE Electric
  • Human Powered Vehicle Team
  • Missouri S&T iGEM
  • Missouri S&T Underwater Robotics
  • Missouri S&T Solar Car Team
  • Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team
  • Steel Bridge Design Team
  • Mars Rover Design Team
  • Multirotor Robot Design Team
  • Missouri S&T Chem E Car
  • Missouri S&T Rocket Design Team
  • Miner Motorcycle Design Team
  • Combat Robotics
  • Nuclear Science Design Team
  • Space Week
  • Solar House Dev