To put it simply, we build robots! Ones that are made to drive underwater. In addition, as a student design team, we give our members experience working in teams to solve real-world design problems – skills that carry over to any profession.

Design Teams

Joining a student design team is probably one of the most important things you can do as a student here at Missouri S&T. Solving real engineering problems, puzzles, and conundrums on real, tangible, products is a lot more instructive than any lecture can be. If you have done robotics (such as FIRST) before, you can think of our team as a kind of graduate school where you can continue to work in the world of robotics more independently. If you haven’t, you can come to learn and explore this diverse field.

We Want You

Our team welcomes students of all majors, from arts to mathematics to mechanical engineering. Is playing with circuits, wires, code, or power tools not your thing? That’s not a problem – there are other ways to be creative. In addition to engineers, we need people to manage the business side of our team, help promote awareness of the amazing world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the local area, and look at the big picture. People who have never done anything robotics-related before are more than welcome to come to our meetings and see what role might be a good fit!

Other Perks

  • Access to the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center
  • Experience with industry-standard design tools and software packages
  • Team/Group work experience
  • Access to 3D printers
  • Hands-on working involvement with machines, tools, electronics, etc. that is highly sought after by companies


Our team is divided into three divisions, each with separate jobs:

  • Mechanical Division– Design, and build the chassis and physical mechanisms of the ROV.
  • Electrical Division– Ensure integrity of electrical systems in underwater environment.
  • Computing Division– Develop and maintain ROV control code and integrations with the ROV’s physical systems.

Each division has their own Division Lead and may be further divided into sub-groups based on particular needs. Division leads collaborate to ensure that all jobs in the team are distributed in as efficient a way as possible.

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