Anthony X. Domijan – CEO

Mechanical Engineering

I oversee the on goings of the team. I also coordinate all dives and started the team’s diving program. I’m a history buff, avid outdoorsman, and Eagle Scout.

Lindsay Pitts – COO

Geological Engineering

I take care of most of the PR coordination for the team. I really enjoy doing theatre and playing Nintendo games, and I have a (possibly) unhealthy love for cats.

Ian Deal – CTO

Mechanical Engineering

I’m in charge of making overarching decisions about the ROV and ensuring it gets completed on time. Outside of the team I like to exercise, and play basketball and video games with my friends.

Lavi Bhargava – CFO

Chemical Engineering

I handle the team’s finances including keeping the team spending on track, create budgets for the SAFB and fundraise. I love traveling and the outdoors. I’m also part of trap and skeet club, Asian American Association and Delta Omicron Lambda.

Avery Doggett – 5S Coordinator

Civil Engineering

I manage the organization, inventory, and upkeep of the team’s workspace and equipment. I am an Eagle Scout, and a cellist & bassist for the S&T Orchestra.

Nathan Hart – Webmaster

Computer Science

I manage the website and the team’s social media pages, giving updates about the goings-on of the team. Video games and anime/manga are my go-to activities in my free time, and I love playing and listening to music.

Steven Karst – Computing Lead

Physics and possibly Math, Computer Science, or both

I manage the team that writes the code for the ROV. I enjoy board games and video games in my free time. Currently, I also perform research where I apply machine learning algorithms to cosmological experiments.

Chris Schneider – Electrical Lead

Electrical Engineering

I look over the electrical division to help newer members with design custom PCBs for our robot. A couple of hobbies I enjoy are skateboarding poorly and playing tennis poorly!

Blaine Terry – Mechanical Lead

Mechanical Engineering

I keep an eye on the mechanical division and help with making the parts for our ROV. I’m the Vice President of the Club Sports Council and I enjoy participating on the Esports team and the Trap and Skeet team in my free time.

Choose Design Team
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  • Missouri S&T Racing
  • Miner Aviation
  • Baja SAE
  • Missouri S&T Concrete Canoe
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Formula SAE Electric
  • Human Powered Vehicle Team
  • Missouri S&T iGEM
  • Missouri S&T Underwater Robotics
  • Missouri S&T Solar Car Team
  • Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team
  • Steel Bridge Design Team
  • Mars Rover Design Team
  • Multirotor Robot Design Team
  • Missouri S&T Chem E Car
  • Missouri S&T Rocket Design Team
  • Miner Motorcycle Design Team
  • Combat Robotics
  • Nuclear Science Design Team
  • Space Week