ROV Camera Update

We are looking forward to improving the testing process of our ROVs with new video gear. When we do pool tests, we like to have as many eyes on the ROV as possible. By using a video camera like one of these to record footage and review it later, our chances of catching issues and ability to hone in our driving skills goes up drastically. 

When choosing a camera to add to our ROVs, we look for a type that is submersible and can withstand the harsh environment in which we operate. We also need a camera that is free of cables and can record video footage internally on a microSD. To study actions being performed  clearly we also need video that is able to capture fast moving actions. As explained in this camera guide, the higher the frame rate video has, the better it is in capturing fast moving action. The camera we will be adding records 60fps at 720P.

With our current cameras, we typically can only have one camera pointed at the ROV. We mount this camera to the mask of our diver so that he can point out observations. We are now adding another GoPro-like submersible camera (which can be found here) to add another perspective – the ROV itself. This means we can have an up-close view of critical systems like our manipulator and various modules in order to see how they interact with competition props and other use cases. This allows for faster testing and better design revisions.

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