Testing Begins: The ROV Comes to Life!

As the first semester of the Underwater Robotics’ build cycle comes to a close, the team eagerly wires up the electronics and places them into the enclosure. It has been a tumultuous semester – a relocation, a new design, and a new team.
The team has been hard at work assembling a frame and thruster layout to maximize the points awarded in the design portion of the 2017 MATE ROV competition.

Project Manager Vinnie Marco has kept a diligent design schedule, propagating focus and teamwork. “Building an ROV for a new competition has given our team a lot to work toward,” Vinnie says. “Fitting out components into this enclosure while maintaining quality design was a welcome challenge.” The electrical and computing divisions have been hard at work designing the boards and mapping controls.

On the last evening of fall break, Vinnie and Computing Lead Tamara Spivey met at the design center to conduct the first round of dry testing. By the surprise of everyone, connection testing ran smoothly, with the ROV communicating with its control station seamlessly. This in no small part was due to the hard work of the computing and electrical divisions. The team is scheduled to begin testing in water upon arrival back from winter break.

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