PR Team Teaches Robotics

The PR division of the Underwater Robotics team has learned that Robotics isn’t just for the knowledgeable. Over the past few weeks, members have traveled to several summer programs and gave presentations about what our organization does, and real world applications, like self driving cars and underwater exploration! Traveling with our esteemed PR member, Trashbot, the Underwater Robotics team has brought great exposure to our team.


Both Boone Elementary in Ashland and the Academy of Fine Arts in Columbia Missouri had a roster of kids ready to discuss robotics! After giving a presentation about our team, applications of our research, and the importance of teamwork and persistence, we turned to the students and gave them an opportunity to drive Trashbot and ask us a multitude of questions.

Community outreach is an integral part of our team. Not only for competition, but for educating and exposing as many people to innovation and science as possible. Having more people technology-literate is so important, and out team is looking forward to going to as many organizations as will have us! Contact our President Christian Upschulte at with any questions!

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