Hey all you Smash Bros fans! The Robotics Competition Team is hosting our second annual Miner Melee tournament/ fundraiser on April 30th in the Havener Carver/ Turner room! If you’re interested in competing against friends and fellow smashers or if you just want to have fun casually, RSVP now!


RSVP link: https://goo.gl/WqAj1Q


*RSVP will be open till April 29th. We will accept Walk-In’s from 10:45am – 11:45am the morning of April 30th.
*Any and all set-ups brought are to be submitted to the tournament organizers for the duration of the tournament. Please note that we only have a small number of set ups to begin with so we do people who can to bring set ups if possible.
*All participants are asked to bring their own controllers as extras will be incredibly limited


There will be 5 tournaments, each starting with Round Robin pools and moving on to a Double Elimination bracket.
– Melee singles (Begins at Noon)
– Melee doubles (Begins at 2:00pm)
– Smash 4 singles (Begins at 12:30pm)
– Smash 4 doubles (Begins at 2:30pm)
– Project M singles v3.6 (Begins at 1pm)

*Rules for each at the bottom

*Singles events will take place first, followed by doubles events. We will be staggering tournaments to avoid overlapping as much as possible and to allow as many people as possible to play in multiple tournaments.


– $5 Venue fee (First 20 people who sign up to bring a CRT TV, HD Monitor/TV and/or a GameCube, Wii, or Wii U will have their venue fee waived. This only applies to people who sign up for at least 1 tournament AND RSVP)
– $5 Tournament fee for each tournament (maximum of three tournaments per person)
Once again, this is a fundraiser and the majority of funds will be going towards the Missouri S&T Robotics Competition Team. The top 3 to place in each of the tournaments will receive checks with the amount varying depending on the amount of participants in that specific tourney.

1st Place: 30% of total entry fees
2nd Place : 15% of total entry fees
3rd Place: 5% of total entry fees
Ex: 10 people sign up for Melee singles. 1st place winner will receive $15, 2nd place $8, 3rd place $3



We will be using the same rule set for EVO 2017 for both Melee and Smash 4 (a.k.a Smash for Wii U)

Project M rules were pulled from Smashboards.com

Project M: https://smashboards.com/rulesets/project-m/
*version 3.6 will the only acceptable version of the game for tournament use.

Choose Design Team
  • Student Design Teams
  • Missouri S&T Racing
  • Miner Aviation
  • Baja SAE
  • Missouri S&T Concrete Canoe
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Formula SAE Electric
  • Human Powered Vehicle Team
  • Missouri S&T iGEM
  • Missouri S&T Underwater Robotics
  • Missouri S&T Solar Car Team
  • Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team
  • Steel Bridge Design Team
  • Mars Rover Design Team
  • Multirotor Robot Design Team
  • Missouri S&T Chem E Car
  • Missouri S&T Rocket Design Team
  • Miner Motorcycle Design Team
  • Combat Robotics
  • Nuclear Science Design Team
  • Space Week
  • Solar House Dev