The Computing Cappuccino – Learning Arduino

The Robotics Design Team’s Computing Division is happy to welcome over a dozen new members this semester. With IGVC on the way, Computing Division leads Chris and Jonathan want to give these new members experience with the combination of computer software and hardware. By using Arduino UNO” the computing team has begun its 3-week workshop process by inputting and outputting various types of real world signals. Towards the end of the training the members of the computing division will team up with some of the newer members of both the electrical and mechanical divisions to build small modular robots. The combination backgrounds will give members from each division some knowledge about how the others will integrate their work and by the end of the training, the division will be ready begin the tedious process of writing and debugging code for IGVC. If you want to find out more about our Computing Division, please feel free to email Chris Eitutis at, or Jonathan Gassner at

One thought on “The Computing Cappuccino – Learning Arduino

  1. Rayan Chakra

    Arduino is cheap but very powerfull interface and its now much popular due to its user friendly coding and able to work with any machine

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